Branding of a Corporate Image 2012 - 2013

Client:, Switzerland's number one online supermarket

Mandate: Concept & creation of visual communication

The mandate was to conceve a communication to the client could buy Migros products at Migros prices. The mandate required to use a delivery men carring a cart full of products.

So after many projects, the search of a model started. Jason from the agency Kaizen was choosen. Claude Bossel from Nummeris was the photographer for all the shoots.

We composed 4 differents cart for 4 differents targets groups.

All the communication was reviewed. The green backroung to communicate environnement, The Migros title Style to comunicate an advantage, The delivery to communicate is carrying the groceries for you and the same signature at the end.

Letterheads, business cards, bills where also done with the new corporate identity.